Learn how to prepare real delicacies from sea buckthorn!

Sea buckthorn can be used in various ways, but it will always have a beneficial impact on your health.
Since everyone should take a 15 day course every year, use a smidgeon of pulp a day.
A hot drink is also recommended – diluting ¼ cup of sea buckthorn juice with boiled water and adding honey.
Sea buckthorn is a wonderful additive to dishes – it can be used in marinades, salads, cocktails and together with mineral water or dairy products – ice cream, yoghurt, kefir and other dairy products.
Frozen sea buckthorn is also delicious.
Sea buckthorn oil can also be used externally (to heal abrasions) and internally (for cell regeneration)
Here we offer you some of our recipes for preparing delicious and healthy dishes.

Sea buckthorn and honey drink

You will need: frozen sea buckthorns, honey and ginger (or other spices – cinnamon or cloves).
Preparation: pour the frozen berries into a strainer and pour on boiling water. Then, compress the berries in the strainer to obtain juice. Then pour 1/5 of the juice into a glass, add honey as required, and then pour hot or cold water on top. Add spices – ginger, cinnamon or cloves.
Later, you can also add ice.
If you have any juice left over, you can freeze it in cubes and use it to make tea.
Sea buckthorn pulp should be dried in the oven at a temperature of 40-50°C, grated and used as additive for yoghurt, kefir, salads, broths and bread.

Sea buckthorn and milk cocktail

You will need: frozen sea buckthorns, milk, sugar or honey.
Preparation: fill 1/3 of the mixer dish with frozen sea buckthorn, and 2/3 with milk; add sugar or honey as you prefer. Whisk until the mixture becomes consistent. Add spices: ginger, cinnamon or cloves.