Sea buckthorn and other berry and fruit delicacies

Frozen biologically grown sea buckthorn berries – collected on the farm, thoroughly cleaned and frozen, grown under the Zemgale sun and with the power of its soil. LV-BIO-01 (A class).

Sea buckthorn juice – cold pressed from our very best berries. Freshly pasteurised. The true elixir of youth.
Available in a 0.33 l glass bottle or 3, 5, 10 or 20 l bag-in-box.

Sea buckthorn, apple, rhubarb, lingonberry and cranberry juices
Available in 3, 5, 10 and 20 l bag-in-box packages.
Always fresh and delicious 100% natural juices. Including 30 days after opening. The best ingredient for making summer cocktails and drinks.

Jams – a real delicacy made from our pulp. We recommend enjoying them together with meat or fish dishes. Try them with various cheeses. Enjoy them together with tea, on bread or with pancakes. Use in the preparation of cakes and cupcakes.
All jams contain sea buckthorn juice, berry or fruit, sugar and fruit pectin. Available in 280 g and 125 g glass jars.
Sea buckthorn jam
Sea buckthorn and lingonberry jam
Sea buckthorn and strawberry jam
Sea buckthorn and apple jam
Sea buckthorn and pumpkin jam
Sea buckthorn and rowan jam
Chokeberry jam

Syrups – a healthy condiment to go with tea, ice cream, cocktails and sauces.
Contains pulp and sugar only. In 0.5 l plastic bottles.
Sea buckthorn syrup
Chokeberry syrup
Cherry syrup
Rowan syrup

Sea buckthorn candies – a most delicious treat and a great gift. We only produce them for Christmas.
Available in 200 g and 400 g cardboard packaging

Sea buckthorn tea – a source of strength and vitality. Carefully selected sea buckthorn leaves and berries, dried at a temperature of 40 degrees.
Available in 100 g and 50 g plastic containers

Sea buckthorn oil – for beauty and healthy. Rejuvenates and softens skin and heals abrasions.
Available in 50 g and 100 g glass bottles

Honey pot – a healthy delicacy made from sea buckthorn berries, honey and sea buckthorn oil. Can be taken to the sauna to be rubbed into your skin.
Available in a 125 g glass jar.